Finishing For Mortals with Mark Palma

Finishing For Mortals with Mark Palma

Take this quiz to see if this demonstration is right for you::

Do you make excuses for your finished product?

Do you seem to use the same finish on everything?

Do you ask everyone what finish they use hoping it works better than what you are using?

Are you picking a finish based on what someone on YouTube said?

Are your finish choices intentional or an afterthought?

Are you confused with all the choices available?

( If you answered "Yes" to one of these, we can help, if you said "yes" to all of these you need some special counseling!)

Seriously, picking the "right" finish is hard, but this demonstration is designed to help you make better finishing choices in your shop.  We will talk about breaking finishes down into a few "families" and then helping you choose options within a finish category.  We will discuss surface preparation, application, storage and shelf life, as well as cost, wearability and most importantly repairability of finishes.  As a bonus, you will learn how to make your own oil and wax blend utility finish.  

Seriously, we will help you make better finishing choices for what you make, waste less money on buying the wrong finish, sort out the whole "food safe" misnomer and have as much fun as you can watching paint dry.

Mark Palma

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Below is a PDF outline of Mark's Demo with additional resources by Mark Palma

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