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2024-08-04 09:00:00 2024-08-04 09:00:00 America/Chicago Minnesota Woodturners Association Michael Kehs Celtic Drinking Horn Information:

Celtic drinking horn

August 3, 2024 9:00 AM -4:00 PM

Fee $125

LOCATION: Houck Machine, 12811 16th Ave N., Plymouth, Mn

The drinking horn seems to originate in the early 8th or 9th century in northern Europe where they would have used an auroch bulls horn. Since they are now extinct I’ll be using wood for this project. I’ll show the turning, cutting apart, reassembly and carving into shape.


Wood  3"x 3" x 12" basswood, cherry, holly, soft maple,  or other close grained wood.

Turning tools  parting tool, spindle roughing gouge, 1/2 spindle gouge, termite tool or hook tool, 1" drill bit, 5/8" drill bit.   

Carving stuff:

  • Micro motor, 3/8" saburr tooth sphere and ball nose cylinder 37-S2 Saburr Tooth 1/8" Shank 3/8" Diameter Sphere  37-B2 Saburr Tooth 1/8" Shank 1/4" Diameter Ball Nose
  • Flexible shaft carver (foredom) is good for larger saburr tooth cutters with 1/4" shaft 37-SE6 Saburr Tooth 1/4" Shank 5/8" Diameter Smooth End Long Cylinder
  • Burrs: The medium and fine (green and yellow) are really all you need.  These pneumatic sanders are great for sanding the inside

If we have time for embellishing the horns we might need pyro tools and cup burs and small carving bits.