MN Woodturners Association

Woodturners Association

Upcoming Member Challenges:

New 2021 Monthly Meeting Challenge Sponsored by Woodcraft.

Focus.  The protocol is designed to encourage the sharing of recent projects. As an incentive to encourage sharing and to add to the fun, Woodcraft will provide some $10 Woodcraft Gift Cards for each meeting challenge.

Members in good standing (dues paid) are eligible to submit photos of a recent piece they have created that has not been entered previously.  Up to three photos may be submitted per piece along with a short note describing the species used and specific aspects regarding design, turning or finishing.  A member may submit one entry per challenge.

To be included in the gift card drawing, pictures and description should be submitted via email to Mike Rohrer   one week before the Monthly Meeting Challenge date. All have an equal chance at winning the gift card.

See PDF link for full guidelines below.

December 2021   Turn a Square Bowl

January 2022   Turn Pens.

February 2022  Turn something Lidded

March 2022    Turn what you do for Traditional Bowl

April 2022   Turn something Cut and Put Back Together

May 2022  Turn a Platter

June 2022   Turn a Jason Breach Style Pagoda Box

July 2022  Turns a Mortar and Pestle Set

August 2022   Turn a Deep Hollow Vessel

September 2022 Turn a Goblet the longer the stem the better.

Oct., Nov., and Dec. Ornament Challenges; Turn Globe, Finials and Icicles then embellish at Dec. monthly meeting.