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2016-11-12 09:00:00 2016-11-12 09:00:00 America/Chicago Minnesota Woodturners Association peppermill class Information:

Need a great gift?   Ever turn a peppermill?  Here is an opportunity to do so.

The 35$ fee for this class includes the peppermill mechanism.

Learn to turn a peppermill 

This class is taught by Steve Miller.
You will need:
Wood (stable and dry)about 2 1/2" square x 8 1/2-9" long, to make a 8" pepper mill.  this can be glued up or solid. If you are doing a glue up be sure your joining skills are adequate.
Tools:  roughing gouge, 3/8-1/2" spindle gouge, parting tool (narrow if available), skew, 1/4" square scraper. Sand paper, 6" rule. Face Shield / Safety Glasses
Available for class will be: a Jacobs chuck, 1 5/8" & 1 1/16" forstner drills, 9/64 or 5/16 bit. However If you have these tools you may bring them.  
I'll have a 1/4" scraper to use and drills. 

 Location: Houck Tool Company

                 12811 16th Ave N. Plymouth, MN 55441

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Info from Steve:

Need a great gift?   Ever turn a peppermill?  Here is an opportunity to do so.
Basic turning to moderate with a highly decorated mill.  A 8" mechanism is included in the $35 fee.  
Need a piece of dried wood about 2 1/2 sq x 8 1/2-9" long.  We'll round the stock with roughing gouge or tool of your choice.  Part the piece to create the head and body.   Clean up the ends.  Drill holes to fit the mechanism for the body.   Create a neck on the head piece that fits inside the top of the body.  Drill the hole through the head to fit the rod through the mill.  Turn a relief in the neck to fit the drive mechanism.
Now your creative side!!   With the head mounted in the chuck we add the body between centers.  You now shape and design the body and lower end of the head however you want.  Make coves, beads, burn lines, round head, graceful curves that bring the head and body together.  Do some sanding. 
Now let's finish the length and head.  Mount the base of the body in a jam chuck with the head on between centers and we finish the top part of the head piece.   We'll drill holes to mount the hardware and assemble.   For finish I use several coats of salad bowl finish or wipe on poly.
A finished turned peppermill to take home.  Just disassemble and add your finish.
Steve Miller
I've only been a member here about a year.  Been turning about 16 years.  Before moving to River Falls we lived in Oshkosh, WI and as an active member in the NE Wisconsin turning group.  Did demos regularly for the past 10 years.   Been doing 10-15 art/craft shows for 20 years.  Did scroll sawing & small furniture in the early years, then started turning.