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Event Date:Categories: 2022-05-07 09:00:00 2022-05-07 09:00:00 America/Chicago Minnesota Woodturners Association May Monthly Meeting 2022 Information:

John Beaver

Topic: Wave Vessel

May 7th 2022 Demo Starts at 9am - Zoom Meeting

Wave Bowls

In this action packed demo John will show two different ways to make his signature wave

vessels. For the first piece, John will take a block of wood, cut it apart, add a contrasting wood

to create the wave and show you how to put it back together keeping the grain aligned. With a

bandsaw, a few clamps and basic turning tools, this is a project you will be able to go home and

do yourself.

The second piece will be a protruding wave bowl from a rough turned bowl. For this piece John

will use his custom jig to cut a turned bowl into pieces. He will then modify the elements and put

it all back together. This piece has a higher skill level but there are many tricks that may help

you with some of your own designs.

While the design of the wave is the feature of this presentation, there are many additional tricks

you will learn. John will show you safe ways to cut a round bowl on a bandsaw with almost any

angle, and put it back together keeping the walls and grain aligned perfectly. You will learn how

to bend wood in a microwave oven, which is interesting and has many fun applications. You will

learn how to precisely turn a bowl smaller keeping the proportions exact. Most importantly, John

hopes you will be able to use these ideas and tips to change and improve your own designs.



Meeting will start at 9:00am

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