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2016-06-02 09:00:00 2016-06-02 09:00:00 America/Chicago Minnesota Woodturners Association Avelino Small group class Information:

Turner Avelino Samuel.

Lunch included in class fee.

Small group class, limited to 9 turners.

9am start

Location:5040 Hodgson Rd

               Shoreview Mn 55126


 Click on the pdf link at the bottom of this page for a further description of the class, photos, and Instructor Bio.

Remember when you read the following class description when Avelino refers to Segment this is not as in a glued up segmented

bowl. In this case a segment is  segments of a solid turned form which is partitioned (Segments) in to equal parts using a pencil, to create a design you will then carve.


Spiral/Straight Carved Hollow Vessel or Bowl

This workshop will cover the process of creating a spiral or straight carved hollow vessel (or bowl). It will include the option of making either convex and concave segments on the piece. The process will begin with the creation of a hollow vessel (or open bowl) suitable for this project. The vessel/bowl must have the required thickness at the lip and base to facilitate this process.

The next step will involve determining the number of segments;   for example, the number of segments are greater for a straight carved vessel/bowl versus that of a twisted (spiral carved) vessel/bowl. After this step, techniques for laying out the lines on the vessel/bowl will be given. Jigs, techniques, and tips for this process will be covered, followed by a demonstration of techniques for removing material to create the desired shape for the segments. Tips to avoid common mistakes that can create "tear outs" and torn grain also will be shared. Lastly, techniques for sanding and finishing, including burn texturing, will be demonstrated. Instructions for how to make collars, spouts, feet, and finials also will be presented.

Material list for blanks:

- a 3.5 x 6 x 6" (or up to 4 x 8 x 8") block of cherry, walnut, or ash (which are beautiful when sandblasted). Note that end grain is most suitable for this process.

- a 6-7 x 6-7 x 8-9" block of cherry, walnut, or ash. Again, end grain is most suitable for this process.

Tools for carving:

- Power chisel with 60 degrees v-chisel and straight chisel (for convex segments bowl)

- Power chisel with 60 degrees v-chisel, straight chisel, and an assortment of different radius gouges (for the convex and concave segments vessel/bowl)

- Rotary carver with assorted cutters

- #92 Stanley rabbet plane or equivalent

- 0.5 x 2 x 3.5" sanding block with a 60-70 degree edge

Turning tools:

- Combination chuck

- 0.5" bowl gouge (or your preferred tool)

- Scraper for the bottom of the bowl (optional)

- Parting tool

- Small spindle gouge or bowl gouge to turn off the tenon on the bowl

- Screw center for the chuck or faceplate to turn the outside of the bowl