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2018-01-13 09:30:00 2018-01-13 09:30:00 America/Chicago Minnesota Woodturners Association Intro to Woodturning & Lathe(s) Information:
Class Location 12811 16th Ave N Plymouth Mn 55441
For this class please bring a notebook and pen/pencil, 2 spindle blanks 2x2x12 (if you don't have any I will have some available at a small charge).  Bring a parting tool, spindle roughing gouge, scraper, spindle or bowl gouge. If you don't have these we will have some available for use. If you have carbide tools, bring them
We will cover the following as well as other topics or questions you may have.
0. The club. Resources, memberships, classes, mentors
1 the lathe. Parts of the lathe, mounting wood, changing belt speeds, checking for alignment, purchasing a lathe
2 tools.  Different types of tools used in woodturning. Different approaches to get good tools
3 sharpening. Very basic coverage of what you need for sharpening tools and we will practice sharpening 1 or 2 tools. After this class, you should sign up for the sharpening class we have when you have several tools
4. wood and wood prep. What types of wood do I need?  Where do I get the wood?  Local wood that is good for turning or not so good. How to prep spindles or bowl blanks
5. Practice. I will have practice blanks for you to learn some basic skills with the tools we will use
6 project. We will turn a ball and cup game from the blanks you bring. I will provide the ball and string needed.
Hopefully we will get through all this.  This is a new class. This should help you with other classes and let you get a hands on feel for woodturning before making major investments
See you Saturday
Bob Meyer