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2017-04-15 09:30:00 2017-04-15 09:30:00 America/Chicago Minnesota Woodturners Association Carving and burning with Linda Ferber Information:

Time: 9am until finish

Location 12811 16th Ave N Plymouth Mn 55441

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Note: a pre turned blank will be provided to you.  This class will involve powercarving with a rotary carver and  woodburning with woodburners.

If you have a powercarver like a Dremel, a micro motor or a Fordam, bring them and your woodburner along, We will have xtra woodburners and some power carving bits available for your use. 

Surface Treatments using Carving and Woodburning.

Objectives for today are to experiment and try different techniques and tools.  Working to coordinate form and design in your work, as the old saying goes write about what you know. Selection of materials is important in your finished work, for today we will be using sample boards.


  • Safety glasses
  • Dust mask
  • Pencil 6H and eraser
  • Sand paper
  • Tooth brush
  • Wire brush
  • Magnifiers
  • Towel/bean bag
  • Shelf liner to keep work from slipping
  • Clamps
  • Hot glue
  • Good air circulation, fans, dust collection



  • Work on good unfinished surface (don’t carve or burn over glue or any finishing product)
  • Sand well no scratches (you can’t cover bad turning with surface treatment)
  • Work downhill-pull towards you turn/move work as needed
  • Take light strokes ( if carving 1/8” depth or less)
  • Draw and make all design decisions first
  • Support your tool as you work – three legged support. Both hands on the tool. Elbows supported
  • Test on same wood first
  • Select wood by surface design treatment – not all wood is good for burning/carving
  • Secure work so hands are free
  • Watch the grain of the wood, there will be variances



  1. Sample board for woodburning
  • with this board try different tips and sizes
  • test design ideas
  • insert color
  • verify with different depth with background
  1. Sample board for branding
  • Try designing tip
  • See how design pattern can be used on curves
  1. Sample board for carving
  • Leaf pattern to try relief carving
  • Patterns such as fern leaf or wheat
  • Back ground textures

Registered for this class:  B. Capp,  N.Robinette , R. Langfield,