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Event Date:Categories: Classes 2016-10-02 09:00:00 2016-10-02 09:00:00 America/Chicago Minnesota Woodturners Association Ashley Harwood Sunday Class Information:


Bowl turning with Ashley Harwood. 

9 to 4 

5040 Hodgson Rd Shoreview Mn

Lunch included with registration.

Push-Cut Bowl Turning


One Day Class



This class is primarily about technique. The aim is to build skills rather than create a masterpiece. We will begin the class with free-hand sharpening of turning tools using the platform on a bench grinder. Students will learn how to create the 40/40 grind on a bowl gouge. Throughout class, sharpening of other woodturning tools will be discussed as well. We will practice the push-cut around the outside of a bowl, aiming for one pass all the way around the outside of a bowl with no torn grain and no strain on the body. We will talk about the Seven Fundamentals of the Perfect Cut, which address all of the variables of woodturning; they include: lathe speed, stance, tool rest placement, chucking, sharpening, grain orientation, and technique. Later in the day, we will move on to the inside of the bowl, focusing on even and thin wall thickness with no torn grain. Finally, we will discuss how to jam chuck a bowl for the reverse turning. Through improving technique, the quality of the cut can become nearly flawless, requiring minimal sanding, and the turning experience is more enjoyable. Advanced through beginner woodturners can benefit from honing their techniques to achieve a better cut! No experience required. Be prepared to make a lot of shavings!


Wood requirements:

-All wood should be wet (we will focus on achieving better cuts rather than sanding techniques).

-Hard woods are best, but I hate to use anything too nice since we will be turning most of it into shavings! Avoid woods that tend to have a lot of silica, such as pecan, or stringy woods such as cotton wood.

-Bowl blanks should be as balanced as possible (with the bowl centered in the tree), with as few knots as possible. Bowl blanks should be flat on the top and the bottom (little bark if any).

-Bowl blanks should be 8-10 inches in diameter by 4-5 inches deep for midi-lathes. If the class will  be using Mini-lathes,  blanks should be 6-8 inches in diameter by 3-4 inches deep.

-There should be at least 4 blanks per student (per day), plus at least 3 blanks for me.


Tool requirements:

All students should have their own ½ inch diameter or 5/8 diameter bowl gouge. A good quality elliptical/parabolic fluted bowl gouge, such as Sorby, Thompson, Henry Taylor, Oneway, is best.

Other tools we will use:


-Negative rake scrapers (straight ones for the outside and rim of the bowl, and curved scrapers for the inside of the bowl)

-Spindle gouge (for the rim of the bowl)

-Bottom bowl gouge (for the inside of the bowl)

I will bring my bedan and scrapers to pass around the class, so students should not feel obligated to purchase these. I will also bring some tools to sell.

If students have chucks with dovetail jaws, these are best.